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Personal Finance Overview

Whether it’s buying a car, paying college tuition, or fixing up your home, getting a loan can be a way for you to handle the important things that require an immediate cash outlay. In Loan Basics, you’ll read about fixed and adjustable-rate interest and secured and unsecured loans.

In Credit Card Basics, you can find out if you’re using credit in a way that’s better for you than it is for the credit provider. You can take a close look at a typical card’s anatomy and decipher the details of a monthly statement. And you’ll want to know how to build a good credit history and how to deal with credit problems.

If you’re thinking of buying a home, Owning a Home will walk you through the steps, from accumulating the down payment to finding out the pros and cons of adjustable and fixed rate mortgages. If you already own a home, find out how you can use your home equity to get the best loan rates.

Loan Basics
The Substance of a Loan
The Cost of a Loan
What a Car Loan Costs
Owning a Home
To Buy or Not to Buy?
Can You Buy?
Finding a Mortgage
The Cost of a Mortgage
Mortgage Rates
Home Equity Borrowing
Reverse Mortgages
Credit Card Basics
How Credit Works
Credit Cards
Plastic: Power or Peril?
Your Monthly Statement
Building a Credit History
Dealing with Credit Problems

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