Mutual of America Life Insurance Company (“Mutual of America”) has a presence on various social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These sites are hosted by third parties and have their own privacy policies, security policies and terms of use, which you should review. Mutual of America is not responsible for third-party ads or other content, products, advice, opinions, recommendations of, or other material that any third party may place on social media or other websites.

Mutual of America’s social media sites are open to the public, which may include Mutual of America employees, clients and their families. The content, opinions, statements or views posted by users of Mutual of America’s social media pages do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or constitute an endorsement by Mutual of America. Mutual of America is part of a highly regulated industry and must abide by various compliance requirements. Accordingly, we reserve the right to remove any posts, block any followers and take any such other actions we deem necessary to meet our compliance requirements.

All of the information and content created by Mutual of America and posted on social media sites, including, but not limited to, all text, analyses, reports, articles, graphics, software applications, video and audio files, photos, and trademarks (“Posted Content”), is owned or licensed by Mutual of America and is protected worldwide by applicable intellectual property laws. You may share our Posted Content, but do not alter it or use it for commercial purposes.

Mutual of America’s website and social media sites are not intended as a solicitation in any jurisdiction in which Mutual of America or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries are not authorized to transact business. The content of such sites is not intended as a recommendation to buy or offer to sell any specific product or service and is not intended to be legal, financial or tax advice.

We reserve the right to amend these Guidelines at any time and without notice, and it is your responsibility to review this page for updates, which shall become effective when posted.


When using Mutual of America’s social media sites, please use good judgment, be respectful and courteous, and stay on topic when posting comments. We reserve the right to remove or delete posts at any time and to block users at our discretion without notice. Please respect the following community guidelines:

•  Do not post comments that can be considered inappropriate, profane, abusive, harassing or threatening; that contain inaccurate
   or unlawful information; that are discriminatory, demeaning, fraudulent or defamatory.

•  Never post your personal or account information, confidential information (e.g., Social Security number, driver’s license number)
   or financial information (e.g., bank account information, credit card number), and please do not violate anyone else’s privacy.

•  Avoid discussions that could be viewed as providing investment recommendations or advice or may be considered promotional
   in nature.

•  Do not post links to fraudulent or malicious sites, or information that contains phishing or other scams.

•  Adhere to any user agreements, policies or standards of the social media site to which you are posting.

•  Do not post any comments or materials that infringe on the intellectual property, proprietary or other rights of any person or entity.

You agree that Mutual of America is free to use any portion of the content you post (excluding content owned by a third party), including ideas that you submit for any promotional or business purposes or activities, in any media now known or hereinafter invented, throughout the world, including on our social media sites, Mutual of America websites or other online properties and services. Each such use is permitted without notice, compensation or acknowledgment to you or further approval from you. You also agree that any and all materials produced and/or resulting from Mutual of America’s use of any such content shall be owned exclusively by Mutual of America and that you have no rights, title, or interest in or to such materials. Nothing in this paragraph requires Mutual of America to make such use.


Mutual of America provides content on its social media pages for informational use only. From time to time, we may post relevant information from third-party sites for the benefit of our users.

We provide these links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply our endorsement of the linked site. These third-party linked sites are not under our control, and therefore, we are not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. We will not link to any third-party site that we know or have reason to know contains false or misleading content.

Be aware that these third-party sites may collect information about you. We are not responsible for the actions these third parties take with respect to your personal information, and we encourage you to review their privacy policies to learn what type of personal information, if any, they collect.


Please protect yourself, your privacy and the privacy of others when using social media and be familiar with the privacy policy of the social media site to which you are posting.

At Mutual of America, the security of your personal information is as important to us as your financial security. Mutual of America will not share your personal information with anyone, except as permitted by law, and we will not sell your personal information. To learn more, visit Mutual of America’s Privacy and Security page at


While we will do our best to respond to posts, comments and questions posed on our social media sites, we are unable to respond in all cases.

Please note, we cannot respond to customer service inquiries about personal accounts or specific products and services through our social media pages. If you have specific questions related to your account or our products and services, contact your local Mutual of America Regional Office representative or call 1-800-468-3785 (option 4). You may also log in directly to your account through the My Account section of

If you are a Mutual of America employee, please refer to the Company’s applicable social media policies and procedures for more information.

Rev. 12-17

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