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Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic

Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic

The number of pregnant women in the U.S. suffering from substance abuse has jumped significantly in recent years. Those pregnancies often result in babies born with low birth weights and other complications. In 2006, the Hawaii State Legislature funded a pilot program to address this growing issue. Perinatal Addiction Treatment Clinic of Hawaii, also known as Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic, is Hawaii’s only comprehensive obstetrics/gynecology clinic that specifically addresses the often complex needs of pregnant and parenting women with current or past addiction challenges.

In 2011, Waikiki Health assumed operation of PATH Clinic, expanding its services to include primary medical care, child care and social services, smoking cessation programs and more. At the same time, Waikiki Health partnered with Salvation Army Family Treatment Services (SAFTS) to ensure a greater number of pregnant and parenting women have access to comprehensive medical care that also addresses their gender-specific addiction and social service needs in an environment that is nonjudgmental and compassionate. SAFTS is the only residential treatment center in the state where women can have their children reside with them during substance abuse treatment.

The benefits of this partnership are clear: in 2014, Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic provided 749 obstetrical/gynecological visits to 161 patients, and 603 primary care/pediatric visits to 257 patients. More than 30 percent of those patients also received residential drug treatment services through SAFTS. This vital collaboration has also made a measurable difference in the birth outcomes for women in Hawaii. In 2014, 97.4 percent of the babies born under the care of Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic were at or above the national healthy birth rate average and 94.7 percent of infants were full-term pregnancies.

"Addiction is a multilayered problem. Women struggling with this issue need to feel supported and cared for, not judged," said Sheila Beckham, Chief Executive Officer of Waikiki Health. "At Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic, our overarching goal is to help these women and their babies get through pregnancy in the safest way possible, to provide education for healthier choices and to provide compassion and services to help them rebuild their lives."

Waikiki Health

Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic

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