Personal Service to Help You Achieve Your Financial Objectives
Like many investors today, you may have concerns about planning and saving for the future.

Perhaps you have questions about how to maximize your retirement plan benefits, understand the effects of taxes and inflation or preserve wealth for your loved ones.

Salaried Participant Account Representatives (PARs) are available in each of our Regional Offices to provide you with local service on a more personal level.
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They are available to meet with you at no additional charge to discuss important matters related to your
long-term financial goals and to offer you the following services:

Asset Allocation Review to help you determine if your current savings and investment allocations reflect your time horizon and risk tolerance and to answer any questions about the savings and investment options available to you.
Retirement Income Option Review to review the payout options available to you and discuss strategies for managing your retirement savings as well as important federal regulations regarding minimum distributions.
Account Update to make certain your account information, beneficiary designations and any name and address changes are up to date so we can better serve your needs.
Account Consolidation to assist you in making a transfer or rollover into your Mutual of America retirement plan.
Additional Savings Opportunities to learn how you can supplement your current retirement savings strategies.
Your local PAR will meet with you individually as well as conduct group meetings at your place of employment to assist you with your long-term savings and retirement planning needs. They are also available to assist you by phone.

Mutual of America's PARs provide valuable information and education about saving and investing and the importance of financial preparedness. They will also help you take the necessary steps to achieve it.

To contact your PAR, just call your local Regional Office and ask for your Participant Account Representative.

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