People & Culture
Mutual of America is recognized as a leading provider of retirement plans and investment services, but the investment we value most is our employees. Their dedication and integrity; unique skills and expertise; and collective desire to make a positive, lasting impact, both at work and in the community, inspire and guide us.
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“Our dedication to service highlights one of Mutual of America’s greatest strengths: our employees.
Caring isn’t a quality we can mandate; it comes from within.”
— John R. Greed, Chairman, President and CEO
“It’s great that Mutual of America provides us with opportunities to give back and to connect with the
community, as well as to participate in activities with coworkers outside of the office.”
— Kira O’Grady, Vice President, Human Resources
“The people at Mutual of America are different from people I'd met while searching for a full-time
position at other companies. I love the people here. The work is challenging and keeps moving.”
— Gregory Johnson, Financial Analyst, Capital Management LLC
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