• Why Mutual of America?
    At Mutual of America, you'll find exciting opportunities to develop your career and enrich your life
    in a professional, diverse and caring environment. We're committed to bringing talented and motivated
    people together to help our customers plan for a financially secure future.
  • "Mutual of America values its employees. I benefit from a team-based
    approach in sales and get to work closely with people at all levels and
    areas of the Company. I'm also able to build close relationships with our
    customers. All of this has helped lead to real career growth opportunities."
    — Christopher Bailey, Executive Vice President, Sales Operations
  • "I interact with many areas of the Company, from front-line support
    staff to senior management, to improve customer service.
    It's satisfying knowing that the solutions I help provide have a
    positive impact."
    — Johnny Chen, Sr. Lead Business Analyst, Office of Technology
  • "Group retirement plan prospects are savvy and ask many detailed
    questions, so a lot of new business depends on excellent teamwork
    within the Regional Office and with our colleagues throughout the
    Company. I'm blessed to work with great professionals."
    — David Hamn, Senior Field Vice President, Nashville Regional Office
  • "Some people think education stops when you leave college, when
    that's really the prep work. My goal is to help my coworkers learn
    something they didn't know and give them a solution to move forward.
    I like to be that light."
    — Anita Walker, Vice President, Training