Independent Ratings
A.M. Best  (as of October 2018) A+ (Superior)

[This rating is assigned to companies that have, on balance, superior balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile when compared to the standards established by A.M. Best Company. These companies have a very strong ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders.]

"The ratings for Mutual of America Life Insurance Company reflect its niche market position as a provider of retirement products to non-profit organizations, strong quality of surplus, investment portfolio of good credit quality, strong asset/liability management and continued positive earnings."

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S&P Global Ratings  (as of April 2019) A+ (Strong)

[This rating is assigned to life insurance companies that have strong financial security characteristics, differing only slightly from those rated higher.]

"[Mutual of America’s] capitalization remains a key ratings strength, demonstrated by capital redundancy in excess of the ‘AAA’ level per our capital model. Its extremely strong
capitalization reflects its conservative investment portfolio and less-capital-intensive product

"Our view of [the Company’s] strong business risk profile continues to reflect MOA’s strength
in the group annuity/retirement space among small-to-midsize nonprofit employers. Additionally,
we view favorably MOA’s service-oriented direct distribution, including on-site customer
engagement and tailored investments and product offerings allowing for further differentiation
from larger-scale peers."

S&P Global Ratings Press Release (as of April 2019)

Fitch Ratings  (as of October 2018) AA- (Very Strong)

"Mutual of America's rating is based on the company's established strong niche position in the small to midsized not-for-profit pension market, extremely strong balance sheet fundamentals and conservative investment portfolio."

"Fitch continues to view Mutual of America as having one of the more conservative investment portfolios in the Fitch universe. The company's investments are liquid and primarily concentrated in investment-grade corporates and Agency MBS."

Fitch Full Report (as of December 2017)


While these ratings do not apply to the safety or investment performance of the Separate Account investment funds available under Mutual of America's products, they do reflect the Company's ability to fulfill its General Account obligations, which include its obligations under the Interest Account, annuity purchase rate guarantees and annuity benefit payouts, as well as life insurance and disability income payments. Third party ratings are subject to change. A.M. Best, S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings are independent rating agencies. S&P® is a trademark of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC.

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