Financial Strength

financial strength Today, it's more important than ever to know that you're working with a Company that has a proven track record of prudent management, financial strength, competitive products and a commitment to service.

Our long-standing, prudent and conservative management policies, consistently implemented over the years, continue to serve the Company's customers well. As a mutual insurance company, we do not have stockholders, are not publicly traded and are operated solely for the benefit of our customers. This allows us to manage the Company for the long-term interest of our customers, rather than for the short-term demands of the stock market. Our highest priority is to ensure that we honor our contractual obligations to our customers.

The Company's General Account employs a prudent and disciplined investment strategy that seeks to maximize total return within an acceptable level of risk. The General Account investment policy stresses capital adequacy, investing in high-quality assets, liquidity and properly matching assets and liabilities. Virtually the entire portfolio, which has been consistently and skillfully managed over the years by Mutual of America Capital Management LLC, is invested in high quality corporate and mortgage-backed investment grade bonds that provide outstanding liquidity to permit the payment of benefits to Company policyholders as required. The Company is fully satisfied and confident in its ability to fulfill its General Account obligations, now and in the years ahead, for the retirement needs of our customers.

The investment strategy of capital adequacy, high-quality assets, liquidity and properly matching our assets and liabilities continues to place Mutual of America among the strongest of all life insurance companies in the United States, as affirmed by the major independent rating agencies.

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