Full Range of Savings and Investment Services
Mutual of America offers a competitive array of retirement savings and investment services to meet your organization's unique needs, both on a group and individual basis.

invest service Plan participants can construct their own portfolios to suit their particular risk-tolerance, needs and objectives, using the savings and investment options offered by Mutual of America.

Interest Accumulation Account to Protect Against Market Risk

For more risk-averse participants, the Interest Accumulation Account of our General Account is an attractive retirement savings alternative, with a guarantee of principal and previously credited interest to protect against market risk.

The guarantee is based on Mutual of America's financial strength and claims-paying ability. Mutual of America assumes the investment risk of the underlying investments of the Interest Accumulation Account.

The current effective annual yield for interest credited to the Interest Accumulation Account under our group annuity contracts is:

1.00% for plans with less than $25 million in assets.1
1.25% for plans with $25 million or more in assets.1
Guaranteed not to go lower than 1.00%1

This guarantee is subject to Mutual of America's financial strength and claims-paying ability.

Investment Funds to Help Protect Against Inflation

The investment funds we offer are the result of a careful review and implementation process. They are managed by:

Quality investment management firms with well-defined investment processes, and
Strong portfolio management teams with significant research capabilities and a track record and standards of ethical business practices.
A Broad Array of Separate Account Investment Options

Our Separate Account offers a diverse choice of investment strategies and styles of management including equity, fixed income, money market and balanced funds. We also offer target-date retirement and asset allocation funds.

investment chart

This chart shows how Mutual of America's Separate Account investment funds available through your retirement plan compare in terms of risk and potential return. The spacing between funds is not meant to be exact, but rather to illustrate relative risk and potential return.

The Allocation and Retirement Funds are grouped together above with the other balanced funds for illustrative purposes. The asset composition of these funds can differ significantly and therefore can have different risk and potential return characteristics among different asset classes. The actual performance of the Underlying Funds may differ depending on the investment alternatives selected, timing of transactions, market conditions and other factors.

1We guarantee that we will credit interest for the life of the contract to amounts in the Interest Accumulation Account of our General Account at a rate at least equal to the greater of (1) any contractual minimum guarantee provided by the contract or (2) the minimum rate required by applicable state law or, if no state law minimum rate is applicable to a contract, the guaranteed minimum credited interest rate will be set pursuant to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) standard nonforfeiture law. The NAIC minimum rate is determined in accordance with a formula, and cannot be less than 1.00% or more than 3.00% in any event. We determine whether the application of the formula will change the minimum guaranteed rate each November, and any change is effective the following January 1 for that calendar year. The current minimum rate for 2020 has been set at 1.00% in accordance with this formula. In addition, Mutual of America may credit interest to your contract amounts in the General Account at a higher rate that we declare from time to time and which may increase or decrease at our sole discretion, although we are not obligated to credit interest in excess of the minimum guaranteed rate. If you have an existing contract, you should refer to it before making a decision because it may have a guaranteed minimum rate in excess of the formula described above and the advertised declared rate. We compound interest daily on your contract amounts in the General Account to produce an effective annual yield that is equal to the stated interest rate.

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