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The ability to live independently for as long as possible is something most of us hope for as we age. For this to happen, older Americans need a safe, nurturing place to call home, meaningful social connections to keep them engaged, and a sense of dignity and control over their own health and wellbeing.

Founded in 1891, the VNA Care Network & Hospice (VNA) is one of the oldest and largest providers of home health and hospice care for patients and families throughout eastern and central Massachusetts. For more than 20 years, one of their most successful outreach programs has been the Elder Health Clinic.

The Elder Health Clinic program is designed to help older adults stay independent and healthy by providing health care and wellness programs that focus on prevention, detection, education and follow-up. Its goal is to facilitate the early identification of physical and emotional health concerns and to support healthy aging.

VNA partners with 45 organizations, including senior centers, elder housing sites, faith-based communities and community centers, to provide local seniors a safe, comfortable and convenient environment to discuss their physical, emotional and psychosocial concerns. VNA’s nursing professionals offer free health screenings and blood pressure monitoring, medication review and instruction, and health education weekly or monthly at these neighborhood locations. They also provide seasonal flu, pneumonia and other vaccines. Last year, 2,000 individuals participated in the program, translating into more than 6,500 visits.

“The Elder Health Clinic program is making a measurable impact on the ability of seniors to maintain their independence and avoid hospitalizations,” said Jane Woodbury, RN, MS and Vice President of Fund Development for VNA Care Network & Hospice. “Last year, 80% of program participants reported that they were able to better manage their health problems as a result of their visits. We look forward to expanding our reach so that we can provide these much-needed services to as many elders in central and eastern Massachusetts as possible.”

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